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Colleen [userpic]

Day with Doctor Who producer

September 30th, 2013 (12:23 pm)

My friends in the Doctor Who Information Network (that group I used to edit the newszine for and be president of) are putting on an afternoon with producer Philip Hinchcliffe here in Toronto. This should be a great source of stories about the show and a fascinating time.

Afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe

Colleen [userpic]

Back from New York - look, TV!

September 27th, 2013 (07:45 pm)

Had a marvelous time in NYC with my daughter and chenanceou last weekend. Did sooo many cool things. My daughter must have a built-in GPS because she's never been before and she knew her way around almost instinctively. Delightful to watch her during her first airplane ride.

So, the TV season so far (no spoilers):

SHIELD - meh. Some nice dialogue, fond of Clark Gregg already, like Ming Na Wen, rest of cast can fall in a black hole without me noticing.

Sleepy Hollow - Double meh. Listen and you can hear Washington Irving roll in his grave, and this time we don't have Johnny Depp to cushion the sound.

The Blacklist - Favourite new show so far. Oh, Spader... Oooh, will Shatner guest at some point?

Crazy Ones - I really loved this. I think Robin and Sarah are a good team and unlike a lot of people I know, I enjoy the work of David E. Kelly.

Michael J. Fox - Trying a little too hard to be edgy and cute at the same time, but hey, Michael J. Fox.

Oh, and the Elementary season premiere? Son of a Doctor!

Colleen [userpic]

Been so long

August 21st, 2013 (08:31 am)

I realize I do all my social interaction on Facebook now. My journal is almost up for renewal and I'm considering whether I want to pay, especially when it's based in Russia.

I'm rarely here. I could move to Dreamwidth, but I don't know that I'd be there any more often. My fanfiction writing is currently at zilch.


Colleen [userpic]

Getting it off my chest

June 10th, 2013 (01:38 pm)

Quite a few years back now, I'd become very frustrated with various aspects of my job (breaking down in tears frustrated.) At that time I went to a casual position within the company and it suited me so well - some weeks lots of work, some less, all where I felt valued and that I was genuinely helping, with a great deal of flexibility.

Well, for some reason that even my boss doesn't understand, the work has all but dried up and I have no idea how to go about finding something else. I'm not old, but I'm not young either. I've never been good at finding work for myself - most of the jobs I've had were offered to me. I've never worked full-time (at least for more than a few weeks.) Apart from my University degree I have no particular skills.

I've only done one article for the magazine this year, too. I assume he found someone who could do the research in Hindi.

I saved up some last year when I thought I might be quite ill (which turned out to be a false alarm) but that won't last forever, or all that long, actually. I must point out that I am getting some hours. Mostly about half the (part-time) ones I used to.

So here I sit. I should be writing, or searching, or something.

I'm playing on the computer. *sigh*

Colleen [userpic]

Star Trek into goodness

May 29th, 2013 (06:59 am)

To recap, first movie yuck, second movie less yuck. Whatever.

Then yesterday I was pointed to this. It wasn't about redoing, or recasting. Those movies really weren't Star Trek.

But this. Oh, yes. Trek this is.

Colleen [userpic]

Sherlock: Into Darkness

May 24th, 2013 (05:42 pm)

It's been quite a while since I updated anything here. Since I went to see the new Trek film today, and since I have to be very careful what I write on Facebook because my friends who love these movies might get a little ticked off, I'm putting my impressions here.

I did like some things, and enjoyed it more than the first one. One of my friends said to treat it like fanfic, and that helped. I liked Simon Pegg and the music. Maybe some other things.

Now, on to the rest of it.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
For some reason it started with an homage to Raiders of the Lost Arc. I guess that's the next franchise Abrams is going for.
What's up with Kirk's lips? Does collagen injections make them really, really pink?
I see they cut Benedict's shower scene. But not Carol's underwear model pose.
But now to my biggest problem with the piece. At first I thought they could get away with Cumberbatch if he only said the name. It could be a tribute to James Caan. But no, they spelled it out on screen. Khan. And as much as I love our Sherlock, he's whiter than Vanilla Ice. Then old Spock (WTF is he doing here?) called him Khan Noonian Singh. So, yes, he is supposed to be the character played by Ricardo Montalban in Space Seed, a North Indian, probably a Sikh as he is referred to on the series. No, Montalban isn't Indian either, but neither were many Hollywood actors in the sixties. There are now.
Khan was a fascinating character, who took over the crew but was defeated by love. A type of romantic anti-hero. In Wrath of Khan he had reasons for hating Kirk, pretty good ones, actually. In this film, Khan is, if you pardon the expression, a black and white villain.
I started giggling uncontrollably when he said "My name is Khan." That's an excellent film with Shahrukh Khan, and the entire line in the film is "My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist." Irony.
I almost started laughing when Spock yelled out "Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!" but I threw my hoodie over my head and stuffed the fabric in my mouth. Kirk did Spock's part, Spock did Kirk's part - fan fiction indeed. And not the good kind.

Colleen [userpic]

Late birthday drabble

April 27th, 2013 (07:29 pm)

A little Walking Dead for cindergal


She wanted to talk. He’d been almost as social as he ever was, but he had a sadness about him. Rick and Carl would understand. So would have Andrea. Hershel. Maggie. So oh God how much did she.

He pulled a rag from his back pocket and started rubbing down his crossbow. Keeping it clean, at the ready. He ignored the walkers at the fence. Didn’t see her. She wanted to say something. Tell him it would be alright. Even if it wouldn’t.

She thought she would ask him to open up to her one day. But probably not today.

Colleen [userpic]

So, I had a birthday...

March 22nd, 2013 (12:11 am)

Yes, I've been very negligent here, but I'm still around.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a very pleasant, quiet time. I went to see Mom at the nursing home for a bit, then swung over to the house to watch Ra.One with Shahrukh with my brother. I thought he'd like it, superheroes and all, but the only way to make him watch it was as a birthday obligation, and it work. Because of course he did like it.

Husband brought Swiss Chalet (chicken, for my non-Canadian friends) and black forrest cake. He gave me Life of Pi and The Hobbit on DVD and I look forward to re-watching them. Speaking of DVDs, I'm on a bit of a SRK binge - watched Rab Na Bana Di Jodi today. Love that one - he's not just a superstar, he's an excellent actor.

Going to be in LA in two weeks with my friend Chris and I'm very excited. I've never been before, but I've always wanted to go. The month after I'm heading to the Ottawa Comicon, where I'll have the grandkidlies for a day. That should be great fun. I'm sure they'll love all the costumes.

I've contributed to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and also Big Gay Love with Nick Brendon, both of which have met their goals. Fun to be a film backer. :)

I should be in bed. I could get called into work tomorrow, but really, it's so dried up I may have to look for something else. Pity. :( Don't know what to do, really, and the job market seems pretty bleak. I guess I could write the great Canadian novel, but I haven't been writing much at all (except an article for this month's Bollywood magazine.) Snagged an interview with the director, so that worked out well.

Bed, right. I should get on that posthaste.

Colleen [userpic]

Sad with a side of nice

January 12th, 2013 (03:57 pm)

My brother had to say goodbye to his beloved dog Breeze yesterday. She had been having trouble walking upstairs, which he thought might be due to arthritis, but it was advanced cancer. She was the most gentle, even tempered friend he could have - he called her his zen dog. This comes not long after my brother in law losing his younger dog in an accident, and my daughter's friend losing her sweet little Octavian.

There's a few nice things going on. I found out yesterday that actor Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire, Mission Impossible 4 and a whole wack of Hindi films) is going to be doing a talk in town, so I snagged a ticket. I'm off that day, so I can get in line early and try to snag a good seat (not reserved.)

And it's always a pleasant surprise to be nominated for fan fic, especially since I haven't been writing in a while (including lately for the Bollywood magazine, though I do still edit). I've been getting quite a few kudos through Archive Of Our Own, and last week received notice of nominations at the Absence of Light awards, for both best angst and best *wow* author. So that's cool.

Absence of Light Awards

It's for the story The Choice

Yes, I should post more here.

Colleen [userpic]

Flashpoint and other stuff

December 14th, 2012 (08:23 am)

Yes, I've been quiet lately.

Working quite a bit. Playing somewhat less.

Last night was playing. Yesterday was my annual 'take your brother Christmas shopping day' and we had a very nice time downtown, clearing his list without actually going into the mall. We the walked over to the Bell Lightbox to try and get tickets for the James Bond prop exhibit. They were also showing the Flashpoint finale (with cast) but you had to win tickets for that and I hadn't. The plan was to see Mr. Bond then hang around for the red carpet. That's what my brother did, because when I got there *behold* - a sign for the rush line. Which I jumped into. It was 1:30 then for the 7pm showing, and I was third. Long wait, standing in the cold. Met some nice folks, though.

And got in. Woot! Finale was awesome, Q&A (which I think lasted about an hour) was awesome. Now I know what it's like to be at one of those Paley Center events. :)

Back hurts from standing in the cold, though. And I just ate a cookie and an apple (both from the fridge) for breakfast because they sprayed our apartment yesterday (again) and all the food is in boxes.

Haven't had any assignments to write for the Bollywood magazine for a few months, though I have been editing other people's articles. Not as much fun.

Happy holidays to you all!


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